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SpotBie - Location Based Social Network App connecting people, media files, retail shops, restaurants, authors, artists, and everyday objects.

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SpotBie was founded by Franco Petitfour in the winter of 2014. Ever since then, Franco has been working hard to make his dream a reality. It all started with a simple music player and then it evolved into a location based social network. This social network has the ability to bring poeple together and connect them in a way that no other network can today.

Our mission is to bring Earth peace through technology. We aim to make Earth a better place, where arguments and intolerance are kept to minimum. Respect is a keyword to our company and without it we would be nothing. Speaking from the heart is valuable, and we seek to bring people together to do just that.

What differentiates SpotBie from its competitors is the fact that we are willing to adopt new strategies and technologies in order to bring in what is right. We seek to make money, however, we think that user experience and risk taking are far more valuable than simple dollars.

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