Location Based Social Network

Welcome to SpotBie. We are a Location Based Social Network App connecting , , , , , , and to each other based on their physical location. Once localized, SpotBie users are able to interact with the localized results in order to build relationships and explore new experiences and places.

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Connecting People

SpotBie utilizes our users' locations to find other people around them. Each user is asked for permission before accessing their location. If a user desires to not be seen on the map, they can do so by tapping on the disappear button or turning on ghost mode.

See the people around you and build relationships with them.

Media Files

We localized media files such as music, graphic design, video games, movies, and text documents to people. Our users have access to files from all over the world. By browsing the map near their location or thousands of miles away, our users are introduced to content based on its place of origin.

Find Media files around you suchs as music, images, graphic design, video games, movies, and text documents.

Retail Shops

SpotBie allows users to see nearby retail shops with the tap of a button. By doing so, SpotBie facilitates the access to each shop and the makes planning for our users easier. Not only will users get to see the nearby shops, but they will also see their offers and featured products.

Find retail stores around you and everything they have to offer.


Driving around a new part of town? Don't know what to eat? We are here to help. By giving you the most reviews from other users on nearby restaurants, SpotBie facilitates your decision when it comes to choosing where to dine. With access to menus and reservations, we are giving restaurants and our users a new way to do business.

If you are hungry, tap a button and see the best restaurants in your area.

Authors and Artists

By tapping the "underground" button, our users are able to see a list of underground artists and authors along with their work and efforts through our platform. Each purchase of their work made through our platform goes to help the artists' or authors' career.

Browse underground and up and coming artists and authors in your area or miles away.

Everyday Objects

While it's only a technology under progress, SpotBie extends its service to bringing people a better understanding of everyday objects and how they function. By attaching a customized microchip to each object, we hope to bring people a new understanding of their surroundings.

Learn from your surroundings.

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